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Bobby Nijjar

"I am a Realtor with sixteen years experience and came across John in 2005.  After just a couple of inspections, I was convinced I had a great company to work with going foward. They are very thorough, patient, and willing to explain their findings with the client. I also felt after building a good relationship with them, they went out of their way to make appointments work for me. They found a way to satisfy my dates and times to the best of their ability.  I have been working with John and his company ever since and will continue to do so on a regular basis."
Chee Lee

"I am a real estate agent and have been working with John for several years now. As a Realtor, I pride myself in working with professionalism, knowledge about the industry, and customer service. I believe John brings these to the table as an inspector. I refer him to others and for your inspection needs as well." 

Wendy Larimore

"John Chung is an awesome experienced Home Inspector! John holds the same integrity and work ethics that I expect.  If my clients elect to go with John Chung's services ...then I know my clients are in excellent hands. His inspections, consultations, and reports reflect the fact that he is knowledgeable, detail-oriented, accommodating, and professional from start to finish!"
Roger Prasad

I've worked with John Chung since 2008 now and he is my preferred inspector. I enjoy working with John for 2 reasons, My clients appreciate how John takes time to explain the process and his findings. Also, above all he's very detailed orientated, this guy doesn't miss a thing. Thank you John!

Horn Low

"John has done predominantly all of my home inspections for both buyers and sellers since 2006 and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an honest, dependable, and knowledgeable home inspector. He is diligent and thorough, and will take the time to answer any questions regarding the home. From the moment he puts on his gear to receiving the reports, his attention to detail is invaluable.  I have had great experiences with John and will continue to use him in the future. You can definitely call me for specific details about my experiences with him!"

Jean Joh

"John Chung has completed termite inspections for many of my clients, and he has always been reliable and professional. He has a no-nonsense way of explaining any issues so that clients can understand clearly, and provides a good sense of whether something needs to be taken care of right away or is just something to watch for the future. This is especially invaluable when dealing with first-time buyers, and I would definitely recommend John to anyone looking for a well-qualified inspector."

Linda Kao
"John Chung (and his team) has been my inspector of choice since 2005. As a realtor, I highly recommend John Chung to any real estate professional seeking inspection services for their client or to any consumer looking for a one stop shop for Pest, Property & Roof inspection services.
  1. He is a great communicator and carefully explains the damage, and he is willing to share his knowledge to me and my clients.
  2. His inspection reports are easy to read/understand with color photos (some of other inspector's reports don’t have photos; these are not easy to understand the area of damage).
  3. He is a responsible/knowledgeable inspector. The reports have always come back to me in a timely manner.  If you or your clients have questions on these reports, you can call him. He will answer your questions ASAP.
After closing the real estate transaction, my clients still have his termite inspection report and do maintenance regularly. I am very confident in his inspection service!!!" 

Mark Dubois

"John Chung is not only a skilled inspector, his flexibility, customer service (for both agent and client) are representative of the highest professionalism. I enjoy working with him each time and can always count on him to deliver. With these attributes and his competitive pricing there is little reason to use anyone else!"

Expert Witness Case

"I wanted to express my appreciation for your testimony at the hearing. You did a good job!"
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