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    Included in the home inspection report:

           Our home inspection report is currently one of the most detailed reports in the home inspection market. How do we know? We have compared our reports to dozens of other home inspection companies, even the biggest companies in the area. Yet none come as close to the detail and thoroughness we pride our reports in.
      Carefully thought out during creation, the home report is a personal report that is more than just a "checklist" or a software-generated report; it is a narrative report that describes in detail the findings and recommendations that is unique to your home. This helps you feel confident that your inspection was performed with precision and attention to detail.
      In particular, the home report features: 
      • Recommendations highlighted in blue - recommendations are highlighted in blue for easy identification. Each section also has the recommendations in bullet format. There are no abbreviated letters for reference or that you have to memorize. 
      • Summary of Findings - lists all the recommended repairs into a list - This is useful for you or your agent when going over the recommendations with the sellers and/or buyers.
      • Table of Contents - for easy navigating; jump to a particular section of the report with ease, saving you time and hassle.
      • Pictures - Each home report can typically have between 20-40 pictures, depending on the condition of the home. This helps you - the client - have an understanding and reference base. 
      • Homeowner information - Maintenance tips, notes, diagrams, and other pertinent information is provided in each section.
      • Prompt - Reports are typically emailed next business day.
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