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Second Opinion/Contractor Dispute Services

If you feel that you are facing an issue that is construction or building related, we may be able to offer services to help your particular need. Please contact us for a free, over the phone consultation. We will then determine what is the best course of action and if we may be able to assist you in your matter.
If there is a possibility of assistance, we will visit the property and document the issue. A formal report (with pictures) will be issued under our Company name. This can be used by you and/or your attorney. 
In the event you go to mediation, we can be present at these meetings and offer advice/opinion as a professional inspector and contractor. Rates apply based on hours serviced, and we reserve the right to only accept cases we feel qualified to handle. 
Due to the nature that may befall some of these ongoing matters, we require payment upfront or immediately after each meeting. 

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